Alternative report to the fourth period report by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela…


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This alternative report was drafted jointly by the Asociación Civil Fundación Justicia, Solidaridad y Paz (the Justice, Solidarity and Peace Foundation civil association or FUNPAZ), Asociación Civil Venezuela Diversa, Casa de la Mujer ”Juana Ramírez La Avanzadora” Maracay (the Juana Ramírez La Avanzadora home for Women in Maracay), the Human Rights Faculty of the Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado University, the human rights center at Margarita University, Centro para la Paz y human rights ”Padre Luis María Olaso” de la Universidad Central de Venezuela (the Father Luis María Olaso Center for Peace and Human Rights at the Central University of Venezuela), the human rights commission of justice and peace of Aragua state, the inter-institutional human rights commission of the faculty of legal and political sciences at the Universidad del Zulia, the law faculty of Rafael Urdaneta University, the human rights commission of the College of Attorneys of Zulia state, the Committee of Family Members of Victims of Events of February 27 to early March 1989 (COFAVIC), the committee of family members of victims of police and military abuse of Anzoátegui state (COFIVANZ), the committee of peace and life for human rights of Barinas state, the committee pro-defense of human rights of the family members of the victims of Falcón state (COPRODEH), the committee pro-defense of victims of human rights violations on public citizens (COPROVIDH), Nueva Esparta en Movimiento, the Venezuelan Women´s Human Rights Observatory (OVDHM), Proyecto RedDes of Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado University, the Human Rights Office of the Archdiocese of Caracas, with support and cooperation from the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and its objective is to offer additional information to the Human rights committee in regards to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela fulfilling the commitments derived from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (hereinafter, the Pact) in the areas that directly concern the mandate of the organizations that have signed this report.

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